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Products Item Number Product Description
Application Field:

UTP DUR 600 is an electrode with basic coating that deposits an ideal alloy for abrasion and medium/high impact demands. It can be applied in carbon cutters, bucket’s lips, mill friezes’ coating,prevention in manganese steels pieces (Hadfield), buckets’ checking, jaws and crushers cones.

Welding Instructions:
Steel with Carbon rate over 0.40% must be preheated between 200º and 300º and cooled slowly after the welding. Hadfield type steels must be welded with the lesser possible heat input. If necessary, re-dry the electrodes during two hours at 300ºC.

UTP 711B
Application Field:

UTP 711 B is applicable on parts subject to mineral friction wear combined with light impact, such as mixer wings, conveyor screws, scraper blades, digging teeth.

Welding Properties:
UTP 711 B has excellent welding properties due to the spray arc and very easy slag removal. The very smooth seam surface does, for most applications, not require any finishing by grinding.

Welding Instructions:
Hold stick electrode as vertically as possible, keep a short arc. Preheating is in general not necessary. On multi pass-applications a cushion layer with UTP 630 is recommended in order to prevent hardening cracks in the weld deposit. Re-dry stick electrodes that have got damp for 2h/300° C.

Stoody 21

A tubular electrode with good impact and abrasion characteristics. Deposits are not machinable or forgeable. Stoody 21 bonds well with carbon, low alloy, and manganese steels. Deposits are slightly magnetic on carbon and low alloy steels, but no on manganese steels, and will develop cross checks.

Typical Applications:
Compactors, Mill Hammers, Buckets and Bucket Teeth, and Dredge Pumps

Stoody 31

The most general purpose hardfacing electrode in Stoody’s product line. It offers an excellent balance of abrasion resistance and impact strength, making it very versatile. Stoody 31 is a tubular electrode with an extruded coating. Deposits have a low coefficient of friction and provide good resistance to corrosion and heat. The deposits are not machinable or forgeable. Weldability is excellent with slag coverage that is virtually self-removing. Stoody 31 can be applied to carbon, low alloy, and manganese steels.

Typical Applications:
Bucket Arms, Chain Links, Buckets, Scrapers, Rolling Mill Guides, Pulleys, Blades, Hammers, and Crusher Parts

Stoody 1105
A solid core electrode designed for wear resistance in metal-to-metal applications. It has an extruded coating containing the alloying elements. It provides good weldability and a high deposition rate. It bonds readily to carbon and low alloy steels and is not recommended for manganese steels or cast irons. It is forgeable at red heat.

Stoody 102-G
Deposit has a composition and physical properties that are similar to those of H-12 tool steel. Weldability is very good and the wire can be applied out-of-position. Stoody 102 requires carbide tools for machining. It is good for hot wear applications up to 1100°F. Multiple layers can be applied without difficulty when proper preheat and interpass temperatures are maintained.

Stoody 101HC-G
It is a high chromium-iron based alloy recommended for metal-to earth applications subject to severe abrasion and moderate impact and heat. 101HC develops a tight crosschecking pattern.