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Grinding Wheels

Products Item Number Product Description
DCRED40 Pearl 4X1/4X5/8 Redline
36107 CGW 4-1/2X1/4X7/8 Aluminum
36108 CGW 4-1/2X1/4X5/8-11 Aluminum
45218 CGW 4-1/2X1/8X7/8
45219 CGW 4-1/2X1/8X5/8-11
35673 CGW 4-1/2X1/4X7/8
35674 CGW 4-1/2X1/4X5/8-11
DCRED45 Pearl 4-1/2X1/4X5/8-11 Redline
DC4510 Pearl 4-1/2X1/4X5/8-11
DCRED45H Pearl 4-1/2X1/4X5/8-11 Redline
36109 CGW 5X1/4X7/8 Aluminum
36110 CGW 5X1/4X5/8-11 Aluminum
45220 CGW 5X1/8X7/8
45221 CGW 5X1/8X5/8-11
37543 CGW 5X1/4X7/8
37531 CGW 5X1/4X5/8-11
DCRED50 Pearl 5X1/4X7/8 Redline
DCRED50H Pearl 5X1/4X5/8-11 Redline
DCRED70H Pearl 7X1/4X5/8-11 Redline
DCRED90H Pearl 9X1/4X5/8-11 Redline
DCSRT40 Pearl 4X1/4X5/8 Stainless
DCSRT45 Pearl 4-1/2X1/4X7/8 Stainless
DCSRT45H Pearl 4-1/2X1/4X5/8-11 Stainless
DCSRT50 Pearl 5X1/4X7/8 Stainless
DCSRT70H Pearl 7X1/4X5/8-11 Stainless