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Cut-off Wheels

Products Item Number Product Description
59103 CGW 3X1/32X3/8
59105 CGW 3X1/16X3/8
59107 CGW 4X1/32X3/8
59108 CGW 4X1/16X3/8
35514 CGW 4-1/2X.045X7/8
35516 CGW 4-1/2X.045X7/8
53256 CGW 4-1/2X.045X7/8
53255 CGW 4-1/2X.045X7/8
CWRED4532A Pearl 4-1/2X.045X7/8 Redline
DCWRED45A Pearl 4-1/2X.045X7/8 Redline
CW4532A Pearl 4-1/2X.040X7/8
CWRED6532A Pearl 5X.045X7/8 Redline
CWRED0632A Pearl 6X.045X7/8 Redline
CWRED0732A Pearl 7X.062X7/8 Redline
DCWRED07A Pearl 7X.062X7/8 Redline