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The Four Different Types of Welders and When They Are Used

Welding is the process of joining together pieces of metal. If you are looking to weld two pieces of metal together, you may be in the market to either rent or purchase a welder. What you may not realize is that there are different types of welders out there and each is designed to perform different functions. Here are four common types of welders and the functions each are designed to perform. 


A metal inert gas, or MIG, is an electric arc welder. This machine has a spool of welding wire that is continuously fed through the machine as you weld. This allows you to quickly and easily weld pieces of metal together. 
A MIG welder is designed to be able to weld together a variety of different metal types, including aluminum, stainless steel, and light steel. Different material types and different material weights can be welded, based on the type of thread that you place in the welder. A MIG welder is versatile and can be used to make different items like car ramps, metal fences, metal stools, and grills. 
The other advantage to a MIG is that it is easy to use and pick-up. If you are new to welding, this may be the best type of machine for you. 


A TIG welder, or tungsten inert gas, is another type of electric arc welder. The biggest difference between this type of welder and a MIG welder is that instead of threading a constant spool of metal through the machine, you have to insert metal welding rods into the machine to complete a weld. This slows down the welding process but also allows you to make more delicate and fine welds based on the speed you are going at. 
A TIG welder is typically used to make welds on smaller and thinner pieces of metals. If you are looking to weld small items like kitchen sinks or metal tools, a TIG welder is the perfect option for you. 


Unlike MIG or TIG welders that use metal thread or rods to weld, a plasma welder uses gas to heat up metal, allowing the metal pieces you are adhering together to metal and bond together. This process creates a precise weld that is extremely clean and accurate. 
Plasma welding is often used on items that need to be accurately and precisely made. This includes items such as surgical instruments, engine blades and small electronic parts that are used in computers and televisions. 
Plasma welding is not for novice welders. It takes experience and skill to be able to use this type of welding device, and it is recommended you participate in a training course before you begin to use this type of equipment. If you need to make fine and accurate welds and have the experience to do so, a plasma welder will best meet your needs.

Engine Driven 

The last type of common welder that you may be looking to purchase or rent is an engine driven welder. An engine driven welder can either be a MIG, TIG or plasma welding machine. What differentiates this from standard MIG, TIG, or plasma machines is that the welding device is operated by a machine that runs off of fuel, rather than electricity. This allows you to use the machine in places where electricity is not available. 
Engine driven welders are commonly used on construction sites when power is not available, when repairing pipes outdoors, or when repairing storm-caused damages before power has been restored. 
If you need to weld items and electricity may not be available to power your welder, an engine driven welder is ideal in your situation. 
If you are looking to purchase or rent welding machines or equipment in the greater Anaheim, CA area, Mobile Industrial Welding Supply has you covered. Contact us today to inquire about availability or pricing. 



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